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Eurozone considers issuing “Corona bond”, Gold is expected to rebound and rise

Eurozone considers issuing “Corona bond”

Costa, the European Central Bank's management committee, said that governments in the euro area should consider co-issuing the "Corona bond" specifically for the new corona virus epidemic, to provide funds for epidemic prevention, and to avoid immunization as the second sovereign debt crisis. The relevant proposal is roughly the issuance of new crown bonds by the European Stability Mechanism, and the proceeds will be transferred to the member countries in need. Bonds can be repaid through the EU's long-term budget, and there can be a period of up to several decades to dilute the annual fees paid by member states.


Gold is expected to rebound and rise

On Monday, as the Fed opened unlimited easing measures, and central banks of various countries coordinated to release liquidity, the surge in dollar buying was caused by liquidity shortages, and market sentiment returned to fundamentals. As the epidemic spreads, fears have encouraged safe-haven funds to flow into gold, and gold has refreshed a one-week high to $ 1580. With the wave of global easing and the return of liquidity, gold's long-term rise has little suspense. Follow the manufacturing PMI data of various countries. Technically, the dollar closed a doji on Monday.


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