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IMF pointed out that 80 countries have applied for emergency financing, Tuesday Gold Price Soars

IMF pointed out that 80 countries have applied for emergency financing

US Treasury Secretary Nuchin and the Group of Seven (G7) Treasury Secretary and Central Bank Governor held a conference call and issued a statement stating that member states will take all necessary actions to restore confidence and economic growth, and protect toughness. In addition, the member states will coordinate their work weekly, as long as it is necessary to continue to implement expansionary policies to prevent the global economy from falling into recession due to the new coronavirus epidemic. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) pointed out that nearly 80 countries have applied to the IMF for emergency financing. The action is having a serious impact on the US economy.


Tuesday Gold Price Soars

On Tuesday, as the US Congress approached an agreement on a large-scale anti-epidemic rescue plan, US stocks soared. With the liquidity crisis lifted, global assets have risen to varying degrees, and gold holdings have increased cumulatively during the first two trading days Holding nearly 27 tons, pushing gold prices higher. At the same time, the global easing led to a surge in financial asset inflation, which also caused the market to buy gold to hedge risks. Technically, gold has fallen rapidly from the 23.6% quintile of 1703.39 / 1451.55 to around US $ 1643.55, suggesting that it is a strong pressure level in a short time.

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