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Three major US indexes fell 7%, China shifts key prevention and control from output to input

Three major US indexes fell 7%

The spread of the new coronavirus epidemic and the plunge in oil prices have continued to plague the market investment sentiment. U.S. stocks opened less than 15 minutes after the market opened last night. The three major indexes have plunged 7%. The triggering of the fuse mechanism requires a 15-minute market suspension. This is the first time this mechanism was triggered after the 2008 financial tsunami. According to the current US stocks' stop-and-stop mechanism, when the decline reaches 7%, it will trigger the first phase of the fuse mechanism and stop the market for 15 minutes. If the decline then increases to 13%, the market will be suspended for another 15 minutes. Once the decline further expands to 20%, US stocks will be suspended throughout the day.


China shifts key prevention and control from output to input

Zhong Nanshan, head of the senior expert group of the National Health and Health Commission, estimated that the development of the new global crown epidemic could continue at least until June. As for the key prevention and control of the outbreak in the Mainland, it will be converted from export to import in the future. Since Guangdong has a lot of international contacts, it is necessary to strengthen border detection, and to formulate measures to visit China from foreign epidemic areas and make necessary isolation. For countries with severe epidemics, Guangdong Province may need to provide foreign assistance, including protection, reagents and treatment techniques.

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