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Unlocked in Wuhan on April 8, Gold once fell below $ 1600!

Unlocked in Wuhan on April 8

The Hubei Provincial Government of the Mainland announced that Wuhan will lift the access control measures for leaving Wuhan on the 8th of next month to restore external traffic in an orderly manner, while areas outside Wuhan will take the lead in lifting access control for leaving Hubei Province on Wednesday (25th) Personnel can flow safely and orderly with the Hubei Health Code "Green Code". With the gradual unblocking of the epidemic area, the epidemic situation in the Mainland is gradually being controlled. With the gradual resumption of work in the Mainland, the demand suppressed by the epidemic is expected to be released. In addition, the market expects that the central government will increase infrastructure projects to boost the economy, etc., so that recent iron and coal prices have stabilized. Affected by the market panic caused by the plunge in oil prices, coal and iron are the main exports of Australia, and the stable prices of the two are expected to benefit the Australian dollar's long-term performance.

Gold once fell below $ 1600!

On Wednesday, the US Congress reached an agreement on the 2 trillion stimulus plan, which led to the second consecutive trading day of the US stock market. Market risk appetite rebounded and suppressed the price of gold. Gold once fell below $ 1600. However, there are still some obstacles to the passage of the US relief bill in the Senate. At the same time, the economic growth caused by the epidemic can also prevent risk capital from flowing into gold. The gold ETF holdings in the first three trading days of this week have increased by nearly 40 tons. During the day, we will pay attention to the number of initial jobless claims in the United States. The market is expected to create a record high, while paying attention to the Bank of England resolution and the European Bank economic forecast.

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