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Germany decided to reopen some stores from next week, Gold moves up overall

Germany decided to reopen some stores from next week

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the state governors held a video conference to describe Germany’s fragile success in the fight against the epidemic, so it was decided that some stores could be reopened next week, including bookstores, car sales stores and retail stores of more than 800 square meters. In addition, Dangye School will also resume classes partly on the 4th of next month. However, the current home segregation measures will continue to be implemented, and it is recommended that people wear masks when shopping on the street and taking public transportation. Merkel also pointed out that he is developing an application that can track the outbreak of the new coronavirus to help people identify the outbreak area. Germany took the lead in doing partial resumption of work and resumption of classes, or it indicates that the local epidemic situation has reached its peak and is gradually showing signs of control.


Gold moves up overall

On Wednesday, the US dollar approached the 100 mark due to hedging demand, and gold fell slightly, but held above the 1700 mark. The cost of obtaining dollars in the market is still very high, and the shortage of dollars has not yet been completely resolved, which has caused the alternating strength of gold and the dollar to happen from time to time. But overall, gold is still generally on the upside, as the gloomy retail sales and industrial output data show that the downward pressure on the US economy has increased. At the same time, the wave of global easing will further reduce the cost of holding gold.
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