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The price of gold dropped by 1600 USD, G20 have video conference again to response the new coronavirus epidemic!

The price of gold dropped by 1600 USD

Among the Central Banks, the Russian Central Bank has been the most active in the past to de-dollarize and convert reserves into gold step by step. But this Monday (30th), the Russian Central Bank announced that it will suspend the purchase of gold in its domestic market from April 1. The Russian Central Bank did not explain its decision. It only depends on whether the future purchase of gold will depend on the situation in the future. The above news caused the price of gold to fall below $ 1,600.

G20 have video conference again to response the new coronavirus epidemic!

The G20 finance ministers and central bank governors held another video meeting yesterday (31st). After the meeting, countries reached a consensus on the implementation of the road map for the new coronavirus epidemic. These include: 1. Develop (G20) a joint action plan to respond to the outbreak. 2. Solve the debt vulnerability risks of low-income countries during the epidemic, so that these countries can concentrate on responding to the epidemic. 3. Cooperate with relevant international organizations to provide appropriate international financial assistance to emerging markets and developing countries immediately. 4. Cooperate with the Financial Stability Committee to coordinate the regulatory measures adopted by countries in response to the outbreak. In addition, countries also promised to implement the road map before the next G20 meeting on April 15.


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