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US Secretary of Energy and Saudi and Russian Ministers of Energy have electricity, Gold rises due to many uncertainties

US Secretary of Energy and Saudi and Russian Ministers of Energy have electricity

US Secretary of Energy Bruyette, after telephone consultations with Saudi and Russian energy ministers, expressed the hope that the two countries will end the battle for market share within this week. In addition, Bruyette also pointed out that the United States encourages Saudi Arabia, the chairman of the G20 this year, to convene a meeting of G20 energy ministers this week to jointly negotiate on the global oil market. The remarks reflect the US's intention to use the G20 ministerial level to try to resolve the shale oil industry's debt problems caused by the recent New Crown Outbreak and the plunge in oil prices.

Gold rises due to many uncertainties

The global stock market rose sharply on Monday due to the slowdown in the growth of new cases in several of the most severe areas in the world. However, investors have been prepared to buy gold in response to more uncertainties in the future, so the price of gold has risen sharply. However, countries will still introduce more stimulus measures to support the economy, while money managers have also slightly reduced the net long position of gold. However, analysts pointed out that continued easing measures in various countries may become a fuse that triggers a surge in market inflation in the future, and gold as the best tool to hedge inflation will significantly benefit.


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