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ECB launches policy to rescue the market at any time, Gold has a chance to go down in the future

ECB launches policy to rescue the market at any time

According to the minutes of the April meeting of the European Central Bank's April interest rate meeting, the bank is ready to launch more policies to help the economy. The market is now concerned about whether the ECB will take action in the June meeting. According to a survey conducted by Reuters, the market now estimates that the ECB's interest rate hike on June 4 will have the opportunity to increase the amount of 375 million euros in the amount of money. As for the object of purchase, it is not necessarily government bonds, there may be corporate bonds. It is not unreasonable for the market to have such predictions. Affected by the epidemic, many large European companies have been downgraded, weakening their debt-raising capacity, so it is really necessary for the ECB to help them.


Gold has a chance to go down in the future

Earlier this week, Powell's postponement of the US economic recovery was expected to heat up the market's risk aversion, which caused gold to refresh its 7-and-a-half-year high. However, with the news of the progress of the vaccine, as more countries lift the blockade measures to promote economic recovery, in addition, the increase in international trade tensions has caused panic selling in the market, which has put pressure on the price of gold. Therefore, gold has not been able to continue its two-week uptrend with a good start this week. However, as the downward pressure on the global economy remains high, and the Fed's balance sheet breaks 7 trillion and promises to further expand easing, gold is still strongly supported.


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