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Gold price breakthrough again, Thailand's tourism industry shrinks for two consecutive seasons

Gold price breakthrough again
Federal Reserve Chairman Powell said in an interview with CBS that the unemployment rate in the United States may be as high as 25%, and the economy may contract by 20% to 30% in the second quarter. Businesses and families may need 3 to 6 More financial assistance in April to avoid bankruptcy. It also pointed out that the Federal Reserve and Congress may need to respond more to the economic impact of the epidemic. The Bureau can increase the scale of asset purchases as needed, but reiterates that negative interest rates are not suitable for the United States. The remarks suggest that the Bureau may need to increase a large number of QE policies in the short term. In addition, Sino-US relations have become tight recently, and related uncertainties once stimulated gold prices to make breakthroughs.

Thailand's tourism industry shrinks for two consecutive seasons
The epidemic severely affected Thailand's tourism industry, causing its economy to contract by 2.2% quarter-to-quarter in the first quarter, its worst performance since 2011. As for the local economy in the fourth quarter of last year, the original quarterly increase of 0.2% was revised to a contraction of 0.2%. The two-season contraction also means that Thailand ’s economy has officially entered a recession. It must be understood that in Thailand, the tourism industry accounts for 12% of the local economy, a considerable proportion. The local tourism industry hopes that by the third quarter of this year, tourists will have the opportunity to return to Thailand to inject momentum into the local economy.


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