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New Zealand reduces national alert status to the second level, The British government will "unblocked" in three stages

New Zealand reduces national alert status to the second level
New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern announced that it will reduce the nation ’s fourth-level alert status to second-level, and decided to restart retail, shopping malls, restaurants, theaters, and fitness rooms from Thursday (14th). Classes resume on Monday (18th). In addition, Air New Zealand also announced that it will resume 7 domestic routes, but international flights are still suspended. Aden said that due to the relief of the epidemic, New Zealand will restart its economy faster than other countries, and the government will review these measures again within two weeks. The market is currently waiting to see whether the Bank of New Zealand will imply a negative interest rate policy at this week's interest rate meeting.

The British government will "unblocked" in three stages
The British government formally issued guidelines on restarting the economy in stages, pointing out that the future will be "unblocked" in three stages. From Wednesday (13th), people who cannot work at home can return to work. The restrictions on outdoor sports and leisure activities will also be relaxed. . If the epidemic does not worsen, some students will return to school in June. Restaurants, bars, barbershops, and other shops will not resume operations until the third phase of July. The guidelines also recommend that people wear masks when taking public transportation and entering shops, for example. As of May 9, the cumulative number of people infected with the new coronavirus in the UK reached 223,000, with 3,896 new cases on the day. Obviously, the number of people infected due to the epidemic is still high, and the British economic resumption plan has become more cautious.

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