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The United States announced the successive closure of bars in response to the epidemic, UK announces details of stimulus plan

The United States announced the successive closure of bars in response to the epidemic
After Texas and Florida announced the closure of in-state bars last Friday, California also announced the closure of bars in the past Sunday, mainly because the local government believes that the risk of spreading viruses in bars is too high. Obviously, after the restart of the US economy and the outbreak of local social movements, the number of newly diagnosed people in the US epidemic has increased significantly. At first I thought that the United States would ignore the epidemic for the sake of the economy. But this time from the closure of bars in multiple states, it seems that the United States cannot just ignore the epidemic and only focus on the economy.

UK announces details of stimulus plan
British Minister of the Interior Priti Patel told Sky News on Sunday that the British Prime Minister Johnson will announce the details of the stimulus plan this week to promote the recovery of the British economy. The interior minister revealed that the plan will include the launch of a large number of foundations, such as hospitals, schools, public houses, road construction and trains. The Johnson administration has been accused by the opposition of being too slow to respond to the epidemic and failing to seal the city in time. I believe that Johnson will now need a huge economic stimulus plan to win the support of the British people. Let us see how strong the UK’s economic rescue plan will be announced this week and how it will be paid.


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