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U.S. White House trade adviser said the China-U.S. trade agreement is over! Gold is rising due to a weaker dollar

U.S. White House trade adviser said the China-U.S. trade agreement is over!
US White House trade adviser Navarro said in an interview with "Horse News" that the Sino-US trade agreement has ended, and pointed out that last month President Trump said that although the first phase of the Sino-US trade agreement has just begun, but since the United States After the outbreak, the significance of the trade agreement seems to have little significance. The remarks caused market turmoil, but Navarro later explained that the relevant comments were based only on "trust" views, and that the trade agreement was still "in place." In addition, US President Trump also posted online that the trade agreement is intact; this quickly stabilized the market sentiment. However, because Trump has repeatedly threatened to cut off Sino-US relations, the market's remarks on Navarro are not completely unsuspecting, and once the Sino-US trade agreement is defeated, it is expected to add to the global economic outlook.

Gold is rising due to a weaker dollar
On June 23, the dollar fell for the second day in a row. Economic data showed that the economy of the United States and the euro area has improved, and the United States may increase anti-epidemic stimulus expectations to boost risk appetite. Spot gold hit a new high of US$1771.14 per ounce since October 2012. Because of the weaker US dollar, the new crown epidemic hit the economic prospects, which stimulated the demand for safe-haven gold. Oil prices have fallen sharply from their three-month highs, and the EIA report is expected to show that crude oil inventories will increase again, suggesting that the market is still struggling to digest a large supply glut.


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