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EU and UK have effective discussions on "Brexit", Gold rose to 2011 high

EU and UK have effective discussions on "Brexit"
The EU’s chief negotiator Barnier said after attending a dinner in London on Tuesday that he had effective discussions with British negotiator Frost. It is reported that the two parties discussed the establishment of a level playing field and regulatory framework. Earlier, British Prime Minister Johnson and German Chancellor Angela Merkel indicated that they were ready to "Brexit" without a trade agreement. At that time, the trade model of Australia and the EU will be adopted, that is, most of them are based on the World Trade Organization basic rules, but some there are specific agreements for goods or services. However, even if there are uncertainties in the future trade of the United Kingdom, the European and British sides have agreed to conduct more rounds of negotiations from July to early August and accelerate the pace of negotiations in order to expect a breakthrough before the autumn of this year, so the market is still waiting to see attitude.

Gold rose to 2011 high
On July 8, the US dollar index fell to its lowest level in two weeks, as rising US stocks boosted risk substitution. Due to the spread of the epidemic, international tensions and the weakening of the US dollar, the price of gold exceeded the US$1800 mark, and spot gold once rose 1.3% during the session, setting a new high since September 2011 to US$1818.02/GBP.


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