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RBA keeps all monetary policy unchanged as always, Britain announces freeze on the assets of human rights abusers in the UK

RBA keeps all monetary policy unchanged as always
After the interest rate meeting of the RBA, as expected by the market, all monetary policies remain unchanged, and the interest rate remains unchanged at 0.25%. In the interest rate statement, Governor Rovere of the Reserve Bank of Australia pointed out that from the recent economic situation, the Australian economy is not as severe as originally thought, but it is still facing the worst economic environment since the 1930s and admitted that the epidemic is still the biggest uncertainty for the Australian economy. In terms of monetary policy, the central bank will maintain a low interest rate policy for a long period of time until it sees improvement in employment and inflation. They will reiterate that if necessary, they cannot rule out the possibility of increasing the policy of quantitative easing. The central bank's statement is similar to last month's major changes. Although the statement emphasized the uncertainty of the economic outlook, it did not mention the views on the development of the domestic epidemic, reflecting that the central bank is still not too concerned about the progress of the epidemic.

Britain announces freeze on the assets of human rights abusers in the UK
For the first time after Brexit, the United Kingdom announced as an independent country that it had frozen some of its human rights abusers in three countries, including Saudi Arabia, Russia and North Korea. Of course, there are reasons for the United Kingdom to do so, but in the past, the United Kingdom felt that it was a very free place where investment funds from all parties were welcome. However, this case may make some wealthy businessmen in the Middle East and Russia and overseas investment funds prohibitive to invest in the UK.


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