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Shinzo Abe announces his resignation, Global factors cause gold to rise

Shinzo Abe announces his resignation
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced his resignation on health grounds. According to news from Kyodo News, in order to show responsibility, Abe will wait until the new president is elected before the formal transfer. However, past party president elections may take at least two weeks. Therefore, in order to stabilize the political situation for a short period of time, the Liberal Democratic Party may adopt an emergency voting bill, with 396 members of Congress plus 141 representatives from each prefecture and county of the original Liberal Democratic Party, and a total of 537 people vote, so that voting can be completed within a few days at the earliest. .
Global factors cause gold to rise
The rise in gold was mainly due to the market's expectations that the Fed will maintain easing for a longer period of time. Considering that the Fed maintains longer-term easing, this is not good for the dollar and therefore supports gold prices. At the same time, from a global perspective, the negative interest rate expectations of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and the Bank of England both support gold prices.



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