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The Bank of New Zealand maintains all monetary policy unchanged, USD continues to rise

The Bank of New Zealand maintains all monetary policy unchanged
The Bank of New Zealand maintained all monetary policies unchanged as expected after the interest rate meeting, and the interest rate remained at 0.25%. In its statement, the Bank of New Zealand stated that unless the epidemic subsides, it will continue to give the economy the support it needs. At the meeting, the Bank of New Zealand renewed the possibility of implementing negative interest rates to help the economy, but did not mention any objections to the New Zealand dollar exchange rate. The New Zealand dollar remained stable after the interest rate meeting.

USD continues to rise
On September 23, the U.S. dollar rose for the fourth consecutive trading day, and the U.S. dollar index refreshed its high since July 24 to 94.43; the decline in the U.S. stock market, the fuzzy attitude of the Federal Reserve and the new crown epidemic brought recovery concerns to boost U.S. dollar demand. Hit by the sharp rise in the US dollar exchange rate, spot gold fell sharply by 2.33%, hitting a new low of US$1,85.88 per ounce since July 22. Oil prices rose and fell. The EIA report showed that US crude oil and refined oil inventories fell last week, but the sharp drop in US stocks hindered the rise of crude oil.



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