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The Bank of Australia is studying the purchase of long-term government bonds, COVID-19 is affecting the U.S. job market

The Bank of Australia is studying the purchase of long-term government bonds
The Governor of the Bank of Australia Lowe said that with the gradual relaxation of epidemic prevention measures, the effect of loose monetary policy will be more significant. In addition, it also pointed out that the central bank is studying the possible benefits of buying long-term government bonds. The comments suggest that the Bank of Australia may take action as early as November to lower the target interest rate to 0.1% and may increase the purchase of long-term bonds. The news affects the Australian dollar exchange rate quickly Lost to 71 cents level.

COVID-19 is affecting the U.S. job market
The number of new jobless claims in the United States rose to 899,000 last week, the highest in the past two months. The market originally expected 825,000, an increase of 53,000 from the previous value. During the period, the number of people who continued to claim unemployment benefits fell to 10.018 million, which was lower than the market's expectation of 10.7 million, which was a significant drop of more than one million people from the previous value. The data reflects that the COVID-19 epidemic continues to affect the local job market and also indicates employment It is still difficult for the market to return to its pre-pandemic level. However, the second round of the rescue plan is deadlocked. With the reduction in subsidies, some unemployed people are more willing to return to the workplace.



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