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The first case of mutant virus infection found in the United States

During the Asian session on Wednesday (December 30), spot gold rose slightly and was traded near 1883. As the US dollar continued its downward trend, foreign exchange traders ignored the news that the US Senate postponed a vote to bail out the check amount and continued to bet that Congress is still expected Introduce further financial assistance measures. In addition, the first case of a mutated virus infection in the United States and record new cases in Texas also provided some support for safe-haven gold. However, the U.S. October 20 city housing price index hit the largest increase since 2014 and the stock market continued to record highs and continued to compress gold prices. Upside space.

At present, the price of gold is still in a narrow upward range, but the indicators have signs of exhaustion and negative signs. The market may enter the consolidation quotation. In the day, you can consider light positions to be long, and long and short trading in the Bollinger Band.

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