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The impact of the new British coronavirus strain begins to ferment

During the Asian session on December 22, spot gold rose slightly. On Monday, the “new strain” of the virus in the United Kingdom affected the fermentation, leading to a surge in panic. Investors chose the US dollar and sold gold, which caused the price of gold to plummet by US$50 in a short time, but the stimulus plan agreement The achievement of gold stopped the decline, and the latest news showed that the House of Representatives has voted to pass the bailout bill. In the short term, the pressure on the top of 1900 is still huge. Monday's rise and fall gave the bulls a heavy blow. The gold market outlook may not rise further, or it may turn to volatility.

The upward momentum of fundamental information may not be maintained, and the market will enter a mid-line sideways consolidation phase. Long and short profits can be reaped and wait for the market to enter the trend.

The Bollinger Band curve is winding downwards and the exposure is shrinking. It is obvious that it has entered a small swing stage. If there is no sudden information in the Asian time, it can be judged that it is basically a narrow trend.

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