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The price of gold is approaching US$1,900, a new one-month high

On December 20, the U.S. Congress reached an agreement on a US$900 billion epidemic assistance program. The text of the bill is still being written, but the House of Representatives is expected to vote on Monday, followed by a vote in the Senate. This relief plan will include extended unemployment benefits, direct cash distribution to most Americans, and funds for school and vaccine distribution. In addition, Senate Minority Leader Schumer emphasized that the Democrats will promote more relief measures in the new year. The move boosted financial market confidence and boosted the rise of gold.

Today, the Asian morning market opened at a high level after the opening of 1883, and three consecutive positive lines pulled the price to 1895.56. Although the 1900 integer has not yet been triggered, a breakthrough can be achieved this trading day. The first trading day of this week opened higher and moved higher thanks to the stimulus and boost from fundamental information. It is necessary to pay attention to the short-term correction after the fundamental momentum has been digested.

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