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British Prime Minister Considers Gradual Relaxation of Pandemic Prevention Measures

British Prime Minister Considers Gradual Relaxation of Pandemic Prevention Measures
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that he is considering whether to relax the pandemic prevention measures in a gradual manner, and will try his best to formulate a road map for lifting the blockade measures before February 22nd, while hoping that schools can resume classes on March 8th. He believes that it is too early to relax or cancel pandemic prevention restrictions. According to data from the British government, as of last Sunday, there were on average approximately 18,000 newly confirmed coronavirus cases per day in the UK. As for the vaccination, progress has been smooth, with a total of more than 11.46 million people receiving the first dose of coronavirus vaccine.

The U.S. Treasury Secretary Says the US$1.9 trillion Economic Support Plan is Extremely Important to the United States
In an interview with CNN, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated that if the US government successfully launches the $1.9 trillion economic support program, full employment is expected to be restored next year, otherwise the unemployment problem may continue for many years. She has mentioned that although overstimulating the economy may lead to market concerns and inflation risks, she is confident that they have the necessary tools to combat this. In addition, with regards to the recent incidents between the retail investors and hedge funds, the regulators are in the midst of compiling the related reports, and so it is too early to tell whether new policies or regulatory measures are needed to deal with them.

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