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G7 Leaders Will Have a Video Conference this Friday, Japan's GDP Grew by 12.7% in Q4 of 2020

G7 Leaders Will Have a Video Conference this Friday
A video conference will be held by G7 leaders on this Friday, 19th Feb 2021. This will be the first international conference since President Biden takes office. According to the White House, the topics to discuss will include how to deal with the pandemic, measures to aid a global recovery, and how to deal with a rising China. Issues relating to global climate change will also be discussed.

Japan's GDP Grew by 12.7% in Q4 of 2020
Japan's gross domestic product (GDP) in the fourth quarter of last year increased by 12.7% quarter-on-quarter, greatly exceeding the market's original expectation of 9.5%. During the period, capital expenditure increased by 4.5% quarter-on-quarter, the first increase in three quarters, and also the fastest growth rate since the first quarter of 2015. As for private consumption, it grew by 2.2% quarter-on-quarter, while external demand also increased by 1% quarter-on-quarter.


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