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There is news that U.S. e-commerce giants will accept Bitcoin as payment

There is news that U.S. e-commerce giants will accept Bitcoin as payment

The British media quoted news that the US e-commerce giant is hiring blockchain technology and electronic payment directors, with the goal of launching a new cryptocurrency by 2022 to establish a future e-commerce structure. In addition, the news also stated that the e-commerce company plans to accept Bitcoin, the world's largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, as payment before the end of the year. If the news is true, it means that there are more large companies in the United States that accept cryptocurrency transactions, which will bring more boost to the prospects of the cryptocurrency market. Stimulated by the news, the price of Bitcoin once tested the $40,000 level. On the contrary, traditional gold is soft and hovering at the level of 1,800 US dollars.

Germany's Ifo business climate index falls due to the impact of the epidemic

Germany's Ifo business climate index unexpectedly fell back to 100.8 in July, which was less than the market's expected 102.1 and the previous value was 101.7. Mainly affected by the global spread of Delta's new crown virus and supply chain shortages. During the period, the expectations index fell from the previous value of 103.7 to 101.2. It reflects that the local manufacturing industry is being affected by factors such as the scarcity of intermediate products and the lack of skilled employees, which has 

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