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Facebook And IG Were Offline For 6 Hours Worldwide! Facebook’s Stock Prices Plummeted / Gold Prices Rose For Three Consecutive Days

Gold Prices Rose For Three Consecutive Days

Gold has risen for the third consecutive trading day, and silver has also risen with gold. The price of gold has reached the position of US$1,768.26, while the price of silver has reached the level of US$22.61 waiting for opportunities. The geopolitics and economics of China and the United States are facing major nodes. The United States will restart negotiations on China's failure to comply with the trade agreement signed during the Trump administration and restart the procedures for US companies to obtain tariff exemptions from Chinese products. Katherine Tai, the U.S. Trade Representative, announced earlier this week that he will hold a dialogue with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He to review the results of the implementation of the first phase of the U.S.-China trade agreement, and emphasized that it has no intention to increase tensions between the two sides and that the U.S. will restart some Chinese products. Tariff exemption procedures to assist U.S. labor and businesses. Due to the tragic abandonment of the US dollar, it has now fallen below the 94 thresholds to the position of 93.82. Before the U.S. non-agricultural employment report this Friday, the outlook for rising inflation continued to rise, providing strong support for precious metals.

Facebook And IG Were Offline For 6 Hours Worldwide! Facebook’s Stock Prices Plummeted

The main social platform app, Instagram (IG) and WhatsApp service of Facebook Inc., the fifth largest US stock market by value, were completely disconnected before noon on October 4, Eastern Time, affecting users in multiple countries, and the downtime was long Within 6 hours, many Facebook employees complained that they could not log in to work, which was the company's most serious disconnection problem since 2008. CNBC and Wall Street Journal reported that the disconnection of Facebook on the 4th not only prevented more than 3 billion users from logging in to the service, but also affected the internal systems of employees. Some employees who did not want to be named revealed that the disconnection problem prevented them from accessing tools for tracking information (such as how many people are using a particular service), and the internal communication software of the company was also malfunctioning. An insider pointed out that due to severe disconnection, the engineer responsible for solving service problems could not even log in to the network to debug. Facebook eventually tumbled 4.89% to close at $326.23, a record low since June 3.
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