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Ark Is Glad That Apple Inc. Did Not Buy The Pioneer Of American Electric Cars

CNBC reported on Wednesday (November 24) that Ark Innovation ETF manager Cathie Wood said in an interview that Ark was very fortunate that Apple Inc. did not buy the American electric vehicle (EV) pioneer during the darkest period of Tesla Inc. Model 3 mass production. . Cathie Wood said that autonomous mobile vehicles are the ultimate mobile device. If Apple bought Tesla at that time, it now has control of the driverless car market. She pointed out that self-driving cars are a very arduous development work, coupled with the previous management personnel turnover, if Apple can quickly complete the development, it will be very surprising. Over the past 7 years, Apple's self-driving car project (Project Titan) has changed four persons in charge. The Financial Times reported on September 12 that Sasha Ostojic, a former engineer of Cruise (the majority-owned self-driving car development subsidiary of General Motors), said that most of the former Titan Project employees he interviewed believed that Apple’s research Most of them have no direction. Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted in December 2020 that during the darkest period of the Model 3 plan, he approached Apple CEO Tim Cook to explore the possibility of Apple acquiring Tesla, but Tim Cook refused to meet him. 
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