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The U.S. Federal Reserve Believes That The End Of The Bond Purchase Plan Should Be Expedited

The U.S. Federal Reserve's published November interest rate meeting record shows that members of the Bureau believe that if inflation remains high or the inflation pressure subsides longer than expected, the Bureau should expedite the end of the bond purchase plan and be open to speeding up interest rate hikes. Many committee members suggested that if the inflation rate continues to be higher than the committee's target level, they should be prepared to adjust the pace of asset purchases and raise interest rates in advance. However, some members pointed out that in the current highly uncertain environment, maintaining the flexibility to implement appropriate policy adjustments based on risk management considerations should be the guiding principle for policy implementation. He also emphasized that starting to reduce debt purchases is not to send any direct signals about interest rate adjustments. The interest rate record fully reflects the concerns of members of the Council on inflation, and preparations have been made to accelerate the reduction in the scale of bond purchases.
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