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Japan's Demand For Solar Panels Soars

Japan’s domestic demand for solar panel shipments increased for the first time in six quarters, and the largest increase in two years, while the proportion of overseas companies broke through 60%, setting a record high. According to statistics released by the Japan Solar Power Association (JPEA) on the 29th, the total shipments of solar panels (solar cells) in Japan in the previous quarter (July-September 2021) increased by 6% from the same period last year to 1,423MW, which was 6. This season saw growth for the first time. JPEA pointed out that in the last quarter's solar panel shipments, overseas companies' shipments increased by 12% year-on-year to 881MW, accounting for the overall proportion (overseas companies' market share) breaking the 60% mark and reaching 62%, and the proportion surpassed 2020. 60% in April-June, a record high; Japanese enterprise shipments fell 2% to 542MW. In terms of production area, the ratio of Japanese production/overseas production is 10:90.
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