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Due To The Ease Of Chip Supply, Honda's Japanese Plant Resumed Normal Production In December

The impact of the shortage of chips and the shortage of parts supply has been alleviated, and the production of Japanese automakers has begun to show a recovery. Following Toyota, Honda's Japanese plant will also resume normal production in December. Kyodo Communications reported that Honda Motor announced on the 2nd that the factory in Japan will resume normal production in December. Due to the shortage of chips and the insufficient supply of parts due to the spread of the epidemic in Southeast Asia, Honda's Japanese plant has continued to reduce production since January this year, but the current impact has eased. Honda’s Japanese plant reduced production by about 10% in November. Honda has announced that the Japanese plant will resume normal production during the first half of December. Production will be increased from January 2022. According to Yahoo Finance's quotation, the Honda ADR listed in the United States rose 2.45% on the 2nd to close at 28.41 US dollars.
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