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The Three Major U.S. And Japan Automakers May Lose Tens Of Billions Of Yen?

The “Connected Cars” of the three major U.S. and Japan automakers, including General Motors (GM), Toyota, and Honda, have been accused of patent infringement by the U.S. company. If the court agrees with the U.S. company’s infringement claims, Toyota Waiting for the car factory may need to pay tens of billions of yen in compensation. Kyodo Communications and Nikkei News reported on the 8th that Intellectual Ventures (IV), a US patent management company, has filed a complaint with the Texas District Court of Toyota Motor, Honda Motor, and General Motors of infringing on the company’s possession of vehicle communication parts used in connected vehicles. More than 10 patents related to Wi-Fi. IV initiated an appeal infringement lawsuit on October 19th. The objects of infringement were accused of infringement including Toyota "Prius", "Lexus" series and Honda "Accord", "Odyssey" and other major car models. It is estimated that IV will demand damage in the court in the future. If the court accepts IV’s claim, Toyota and other automakers may need to pay tens of billions of yen in compensation. Due to the popularization of 5G, the market for connected cars that can be connected to the Internet at any time has continued to expand. According to Fuji Keizai, Japan, the scale of the connected car market in 2035 is estimated to be 94.2 million units, accounting for 80% of the overall new car market.

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