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90% Of The Number Of Bitcoins Has Been Mined

Investing.com-Data shows that 90% of the total amount of Bitcoin (21 million) has been mined this morning, which means that the circulation of Bitcoin in the market is about 18.9 million, and there are 10% of the Bitcoin. The coins have not yet been mined. Bitcoin Core developer Jimmy Song stated on social media that it took 12.9 years to mine the first 90% of bitcoins (NYSE: BITO), and it is estimated that the next 9% of bitcoins will also take about the same time, while mining the last 0.9% Bitcoin will also take the same amount of time. According to estimates of network activity and Bitcoin "halving", the last Bitcoin may not be mined until February 2140. Since the first Bitcoin was mined on January 9, 2009, the market demand for Bitcoin has increased, which has continuously pushed the price of Bitcoin higher. At the beginning of 2010, when 10% of the bitcoins were mined, the currency price was $0.1, and when 50% of the bitcoins were mined in October 2012, the currency price hovered at $7.50. At the moment, the price of Bitcoin is hovering around $48,000, which is about 30% lower than its historical high.
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