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Model Y And Model 3 Rank Top Two In Luxury Car Sales In The U.S.

The American media "Automotive News" reported on December 11 that according to the new car registration data compiled by the credit reporting agency Experian, the Mercedes C-Class, BMW 3 series and Lexus RX and other leading American luxury car brands are facing the use of electric vehicles. (EV) A strong challenge from Tesla Inc., a major manufacturer. Experian data shows that from January to October 2021, Lexus RX cross-border SUVs have registered 98,297 vehicles, which are 12% and 27% less than Tesla's Model 3 and Model Y at the same time. According to the data of the Automotive News Research and Data Center, RX is the second place in the sales ranking of luxury car brands in the United States in 2020. teslarati.com reported that CNBC TV reporter Phil LeBeau quoted data from the California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA) in the "Squawk Box" program on November 23, stating that Tesla Model Y is the fifth best-selling car in California so far this year. The name and sales volume exceed many popular gasoline-powered cars.
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