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Dogecoin Once Soared 30%

Dogecoin once soared by more than 30% on Tuesday (14th). Entrepreneur Elon Musk issued a document stating that some Tesla Inc. products will accept Dogecoin payments from customers. Musk said via Twitter on the 14th that Tesla Inc. will open some products to accept Dogecoin payment and observe how the situation will evolve. Dogecoin has soared up to 30% after hearing the news on the 14th. CoinDesk's quotation shows that the current price (at 7:59 am on the 15th, Taipei time) is currently at US$0.191828, which is 21.31% higher than 24 hours ago. CNBC and Business Insider reported that the NBA Dallas Mavericks, owned by American billionaire Mark Cuban, began accepting Dogecoins for fans to purchase admission tickets and merchandise earlier this year (2021). After Tesla Inc. bought 1.5 billion U.S. dollars in Bitcoin in January, it announced in March that it would accept customers to purchase its electric cars with Bitcoin. However, Musk changed his mind in May, slamming Bitcoin's "crazy" energy usage, and at the same time began touting Dogecoin, claiming that he was trying to improve its efficiency with developers.
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