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US’s Research Points Out That Two Doses Of COVID-19 Vaccine Are Not Enough To Combat Omicron Virus

The new mutant strain of COVID-19, Omicron, is rapidly circulating in various countries and is more infectious than Delta, causing public health experts to worry. A study in the United States found that if only two doses of COVID-19 vaccine are administered, the protection is not enough to fight the Omicron virus, and supplementary injections must be added to establish sufficient immunity. Reuters and CNBC reported that according to research reports published by Massachusetts General Hospital (Massachusetts General Hospital), Harvard (Harvard), and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (not yet peer reviewed), judging from the results of blood tests, whether it is a beating Two doses of Moderna or Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, or a single dose of Johnson vaccine, its serum has very low neutralizing ability to the Omicron variant strain, or even non-existent (low to absent). However, after an additional dose of the vaccine, the neutralizing antibody produced by the subject can effectively neutralize the Omicron variant. In this regard, White House Chief Medical Adviser Foch said on December 15 that people only need to use existing vaccines as a reinforcement to effectively combat the Omicron virus, without waiting for a new vaccine developed specifically for the Omicron virus strain. Fauci mentioned that even if only two doses of Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine are administered, it can still provide considerable protection to prevent the occurrence of severe illness, and the effective rate of preventing hospitalization is up to 70%. He emphasized that those who have not been vaccinated must be vaccinated as soon as possible, especially in areas where the Omicron variant strain is endemic. If the vaccine has been fully vaccinated, a booster shot should be given.

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