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Review Of Gold Trends In 2021

Opening 1898.07 is in a downtrend period
High 1959.33 The highest price of the whole year is at the beginning of January
Low 1676.91 The lowest price of the year is in March
Now 1818

During the period from the fourth quarter of 2020 to the end of the first quarter of 2021, gold ETF holdings dropped sharply. In the first quarter of 2021, the net outflow of more than 177.9 tons of holdings in the first quarter of 2021 led to a strong short position. It has been falling until March; it fell from the highest level of 1959.33 to the lowest level of 1687.46. Of course, there are also other factors for this decline, such as the people's panic about the epidemic has slowed, and the demand for gold, a safe-haven asset, has decreased.

From March to June, the ETF returned to the net inflow situation. In the second quarter, the ETF holdings showed a double-digit tonnage level increase. Therefore, the gold price also began to rebound in March to the second-highest level of 1916.53 at the end of May.

However, after the World Health Organization announced the new variant of the virus Delta on June 1, the price of gold fell sharply to 1760 before holding the downward trend. After that, the price of gold fluctuated between 1760 and 1830 throughout the third quarter, except for one at 6 o'clock in the morning. Suddenly there was a gap to 1681.95 but then quickly recovered.

After September, the price of gold rose again from a low of 1721. On the surface, this increase was due to the fact that the US economic response did not meet expectations; the CPI in October increased by 6.2% annually, setting a new 30-year high. But in fact, there are many factors that contribute to the bulls. For example, there are many turbulences in the world this year, such as Russia's continuous increase of troops to display the borders of Ukraine; the price of oil began to continue to rise to nearly 80$ per barrel after the United States became an exporter. Various factors have more or less encouraged investors to diversify part of their funds to buy into the gold market.

The same increase was stopped after the World Health Organization announced the new variant virus Omicron in November, and it fell to the lowest point to 1753.10, and now it has rebounded to 1817.
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