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Most U.S. Federal Reserve Officials Support Rate Hikes

Faced with the severe domestic inflation rate, it seems that more and more Fed officials support early interest rate hikes, including the San Francisco Fed President Mary Daly, who in the past advocated that the Fed should not raise interest rates prematurely. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal last Friday, she pointed out that based on the fact that the job market is close to full recovery and in the face of a high inflation environment, she now supports the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates two to three times next year, and does not rule out that the first interest rate hike may be It will be made in March next year, that is, after the Fed stops the quota easing. On the other side, on Friday, US Federal Reserve Board Director Waller also made similar remarks, expressing support for raising interest rates in March next year. He even described the chances of raising interest rates in March as "quite high." Affected by the above factors, the three major US stock indexes fell across the board last Friday, the US dollar exchange rate rose, and the gold price fell.
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