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Semiconductor Company Qualcomm Will Enter The Automotive Chip Market

Semiconductor company Qualcomm took advantage of the shortage of automotive chips to accelerate its entry into this market. The company announced that it has signed contracts with Volvo Group, Honda Motor, and Renault to supply automotive chips to the aforementioned automakers. Reuters reported that Qualcomm has made a name for itself with smart phone mobile chips. Recently, it has stepped into the auto market and launched a series of car chips, such as chips for self-driving cars, and chips that can control digital dashboards and infotainment systems. These chips can turn cars into mobile computers, allowing car manufacturers to follow Tesla's first model, allowing car owners to pay to upgrade the software after the car is sold, so as to obtain sustainable revenue. Qualcomm announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the United States that it has reached an agreement with the automotive brands Volvo and Polestar supported by Luchang Geely Holdings. Later this year, the latter two will use Qualcomm's "Snapdragon Cockpit" chip and Google (Google) operation system. Volvo's mass-produced electric SUV this year will be equipped with a hands-free Google voice assistant and Google Maps. In the future, the software can be updated via over-the-air download (OTA).
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