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Intel Successfully Poached The Apple M1 Team Leader

Apple abandoned the Intel chip and replaced it with a self-developed M1 chip. Intel fought back, poaching the M1 team leader who helped Apple achieve this achievement, and may want to take this to regain Apple's order. MacRumors and Tom`s Hardware reported on the 6th that Jeff Wilcox, the former director of AppleMac system architecture, announced this week that he has left Apple and returned to his old club Intel. According to Wilcox's personal profile on LinkedIn, a business community platform, he led AppleMac computers to switch to Apple Silicon chips. In addition, he developed the T2 coprocessor system-on-chip (SoC) and system architecture for Macs computers. Wilcox has worked at Apple for 8 years and will be transferred to the Chief Technical Officer of the Intel Design Engineering Group this week, responsible for the SoC architecture of Intel customers. Before joining Apple, Wilcox worked for Intel for many years as the chief engineer of personal computer chipsets. The Apple Silicon team is led by Johny Srouji, Apple's vice president of hardware technology. It is not clear how much impact Wilcox's job change will have on the development of Apple's chips. The AppleMac series will completely get rid of Intel chips in 2022, and the newly launched Mac Pro and iMac Pro computers this year will use Apple Silicon.

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