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Toyota Announces Expansion Of Production Cuts Due To Coronavirus

Japan's new crown pneumonia outbreak recently broke out. Toyota announced on the 20th that due to the expansion of the infection of employees, its Japanese factories will expand production cuts in January, and 20 production lines of its 11 factories will be suspended. The number of people continues to increase, and Toyota recently said that it will expand production cuts again in January, and the shutdown time of 11 factories will be extended by 2 days. Toyota announced on the 24th that due to the continued increase in the number of infected Japanese parts suppliers and a shortage of parts supply, Japanese factories will expand production cuts again in January. Toyota pointed out that among the 28 production lines of all 14 factories in Japan, the original 11 factories and 20 production lines have been suspended from January 22 to 24. According to the latest epidemic situation, 11 factories have 19 production lines. The shutdown will be extended until January 26. Toyota Japan’s production reduction in January was 20,000 units at first, and then it was announced on the 20th that it would be expanded to 47,000 units. The number of affected units by this additional shutdown was 18,000 units. Therefore, Toyota’s production reduction in January further expanded to 6.5 million units.
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