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U.S. Officials Say Russia Could Move Into Ukraine Within Days Or Weeks

U.S. White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan warned that Russia may be about to attack Ukraine amid tensions over Ukraine. Experts pointed out that Russia is a giant of raw materials. If war really breaks out, oil and food prices may rise, and Russia intends to use this as a weapon against other countries. According to CNBC, two U.S. officials said Russia deployed 70 percent of the military force needed for a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. In an interview on "Fox News Sunday," Sullivan shouted that Russia could send troops to Ukraine any day now, and that military action could take place in a few weeks; however, Russia could choose to switch to the diplomatic route. Sullivan told ABC's "This Week" that they believed Russian President Vladimir Putin "likely" ordered an attack on Ukraine. He said on NBC that Russia has many options for attack, including annexing Ukraine's Donbass region, launching a cyber attack or even a full-scale aggression.
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