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Russia Denies Western Media Allegations Of Attack On Ukraine

The Russian Defense Ministry announced the withdrawal of some troops after Russia completed military exercises on the Ukrainian border. However, the report did not specify the number of troops withdrawn. The British foreign secretary immediately pointed out that unless Russia completely withdraws its 100,000 troops from its border with Ukraine, Ukraine remains at risk of being attacked. Western media have always said that Russia is ready to send troops to Ukraine, and even clearly stated the date that it will launch an offensive today (16th). Russia has been accusing the Western media of creating something out of nothing, and has denied planning to attack Ukraine. Now Russia seems to be taking action to break the rumors of the West. Russia, which has amassed 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border, says it has no intention of attacking Ukraine. But since German Chancellor Scholz is now negotiating the Ukraine issue with President Vladimir Putin in Russia, it is believed that Russia will never choose to send troops at this moment.
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