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Many People Believe That The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Was The Prelude To The Third World War

Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine shocked the world, and many people worry that this is the prelude to the second Cold War, or even the Third World War. CBS News and VOA reported that Michael McCaul, the top Republican on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, is one of the few top Washington officials with first-hand intelligence on the Russia-Ukraine crisis. He is deeply worried about the war. Lu attacked, dispatched artillery and planes to drop bombs, and dispatched destroyers to bombard the Black Sea coast. "We haven't seen anything like this since Hitler's invasion of Poland triggered World War II, and we just hope this is not the beginning of a third world war," he said. Michael McCaul said that there is a lot of speculation about whether Putin will stop at this point. Putin has always wanted to reclaim Russia's past granary and retake Ukraine, and he has tested the limits of the current US president's patience with a full-scale invasion. Ukraine is not a member of NATO. If Ukraine is a member of NATO, the crisis will escalate fiercely and NATO must go to war with Russia.
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