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The UK Announces That It Will Lift All Restrictions On Epidemic Prevention In England From April 1

The global COVID-19 epidemic has been raging for two years, and everyone is looking forward to a return to normal life. As the epidemic is clearly under control, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that all restrictions on epidemic prevention in England will be lifted, and the public will no longer be subject to any epidemic-related restrictions. It is expected to hit the road in April. According to CNBC, Reuters and other foreign media reports, Johnson said on February 21 that starting from the 24th, those who test positive for COVID-19 do not need to self-isolate at home, cancel contact tracing, and treat COVID-19 with the same attitude as influenza. 19, and from April 1, the free large-scale virus testing will be cancelled, and only a small number of high-risk groups and employees of long-term care institutions will continue to use the free rapid screening. At the same time, the vaccine passport will be cancelled, and you can enter the venue without showing it when entering and leaving certain places.
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