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Germany And Qatar Reach Long-Term Deal To Diversify Pipelines For German Gas Imports

Russia is Germany's largest natural gas supplier, but due to the Russian-Ukrainian war, Germany decided to close the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and stop sending Russian gas to Germany via the Baltic Sea. The latest news from foreign media pointed out that in order to consolidate Germany's energy security, Germany has reached a long-term agreement with Qatar to reduce its dependence on Russian natural gas. Deutsche Welle (DW), "Financial Times" and other foreign media reported that recently, German Economy Minister Robert Habeck visited Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, seeking to replace Russia's natural gas supply source. Germany and Qatar have agreed to establish a long-term strategic partnership for energy cooperation to diversify Germany's natural gas import pipeline and avoid over-reliance on Russia, Harbeck said in Qatar's capital Doha on Sunday (March 20).
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