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Latest Rumors Show Russia Willing To Let Kyiv Government Join EU

Ukraine and Russia will go to Istanbul, Turkey for the fourth round of ceasefire talks on Tuesday (29th). The latest rumors show that Russia will no longer ask Ukraine to "denazify" and is willing to let the Kyiv government join The European Union, on the premise that Ukraine remains militarily neutral and not allied with anyone. The Financial Times reported on the 28th, citing unnamed sources, that Moscow and Kyiv were discussing a ceasefire and that Ukraine would abandon the possibility of joining NATO in exchange for security guarantees and the possibility of joining the European Union (EU). According to sources, the draft ceasefire document did not cover the three major demands of Russia at the beginning, that is, Ukraine should "de-Nazification" and "demilitarisation", and legislation to protect the Russian language in Ukraine. Ukrainian negotiator and parliament speaker David Arakhamia said in an interview that the two sides are close to reaching an agreement on the security agreement and Ukraine's proposal to join the European Union, but everyone still needs to be cautious. He said that all topics have been discussed from the beginning of the negotiation, but each project has unresolved difficulties. The report quoted another source as saying that whether it is military pressure or demands for the demilitarization of Kyiv, Russia's position is changing almost every day, which worries the Uzbek side.
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