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London Metal Exchange denies banning trade in nickel, copper and other metals produced by Russian companies

According to the market, someone inside the London Metal Exchange (LME) proposed to ban the trading of nickel, copper and other metals produced by Russian companies, but the exchange clarified that there is no such plan at present. Reuters, Business Insider and other foreign sources reported on the 22nd that it was reported in the market that the LME’s Copper Committee, which consists of producers, consumers and brokers, held a vote last week to vote on whether the LME should ban the entry of new copper deliveries from Russia. LME system trading. Russian mining metallurgists Nornickel, Rusal, Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company are all metal brands recognized by the LME. In response, the LME responded on the 22nd that there is currently no plan to take independent actions outside Western sanctions (such as banning Russian metals from entering the LME system). Maintaining an orderly market for all market participants is a priority for the LME. The LME will keep this decision under review and continue to maintain dialogue with the government as the situation continues to evolve.
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