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The Russian-Ukrainian peace talks are swaying, and the Russian army continues to shell the suburbs of Kyiv

On Tuesday (29th), the Russia-Ukraine peace talks made the clearest progress so far. Unexpectedly, within 24 hours, Moscow's attitude changed suddenly, resulting in a rebound in raw materials and volatility in European and American stock markets. Why is Russia's position repeated? U.S. sources said that Russian President Vladimir Putin's cronies did not dare to tell the truth, did not dare to tell the tragic defeat of the Russian army, and did not dare to speak out about the lethality of economic sanctions. Reuters and the Wall Street Journal reported on the 30th that Russia's chief negotiator Vladimir Medinsky said on the 29th that Ukraine's proposal was a constructive step and suggested that the heads of Russia and Ukraine hold a summit to finalize the agreement. Medinsky also said that as a gesture of goodwill, the Russian army will reduce its military operations in Kyiv and Ukraine. Unexpectedly, Moscow subsequently abandoned the Ukrainian proposal and continued to shell the suburbs of Kyiv on Wednesday (30th) and intensified its land and air attacks on the east of Ukraine. Russian Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the Ukrainian-Russian peace talks on the 29th did not represent a turning point in the conflict. No one is talking about progress, no particularly promising developments, he said. White House communications director Kate Bedingfield said on the 30th that U.S. information showed that Putin felt misled by the military and that he had a tense relationship with military generals. The US believes that Putin's senior advisers are too frightened to tell the truth, to tell Putin how badly the Russian military is behaving, or how badly the economic sanctions are hurting. Bedingfield emphasized that the United States announced this to show that Russia made a strategic mistake.
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