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Amazon plans to complete 83 rocket launches in the next 5 years and sign related agreements

Global e-commerce leader Amazon (Amazon) said on April 5 that it has planned to complete 83 rocket launches in the next five years to build a satellite broadband network (Satellite Broadband Network), which is higher than SpaceX's satellite networking service Starlink Down. CNN, "Wall Street Journal" and other foreign media reported that Amazon announced on the 5th that a joint venture "United Launch Alliance" with Blue Origin, Lockheed Martin and Boeing, the aerospace company of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, as well as European Arianespace has signed an agreement to launch 83 rockets for Project Kuiper, deploying more than 3,000 low-orbit satellites to provide high-speed Internet services. Dave Limp, senior vice president of Amazon's devices and services division, said in an interview with CNBC on the 5th that the contract will cost Amazon billions of dollars. The initial goal is to launch test satellites into orbit, which may begin in the next year or so. If all goes according to plan, Amazon could deploy at least half of Cooper's satellites, equivalent to more than 1,600 satellites, by 2026. Limp pointed out that Cooper plans to start the business with just a few hundred satellites, but he declined to disclose the price of the service.
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