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Eurozone CPI hits record high of 7.5% in March

After the euro zone's annual inflation rate (CPI) climbed to a record high of 7.5% in March (the previous value was 5.9%), European Central Bank member Isabel Schnabel immediately released the statement at the weekend that after the end of the quantitative easing policy in the third quarter, it is not ruled out that it will start rate hike. Obviously, the above remarks of the ECB are to tell the market that it will not ignore inflation, hoping to restore the market's confidence in the ECB's monetary policy. However, in the face of a severe inflation rate of 7.5% and an official interest rate of only -0.5%, the European Central Bank also said that it will wait until the third quarter to raise interest rates. How can this restore market confidence? Next Thursday (14th) the European Central Bank will discuss interest rates, I believe that the European Central Bank will give the market an explanation.
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