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Missile that hit Poland likely came from Ukraine defences

On November 15, local time, the Khrubieszow area on the border between Poland and Ukraine was hit by missiles. The Ukrainian side subsequently accused Russia of launching the attack, and some said it wanted to escalate the situation and gain more NATO support.
Polish President Duda issued an opinion yesterday, November 16, saying that Russia has no reason to deliberately attack Poland, and the missile used in the attack is suspected to be the S-300 missile used by the Ukrainian air defense system, so there is no reason to believe that Russia is the murderer.
The NATO Secretary General stated that NATO is investigating this and has not yet reached a final conclusion. But so far there is no indication that the explosion was a deliberate attack. Preliminary analysis believes that the explosion was caused by Ukrainian air defense missiles.

The Chinese side also expressed their wishes in the UN Security Council that the two sides would cool down the situation, resume diplomatic negotiations, and mitigate the spillover impact of the crisis.
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